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First real game - You Tube channel - Chaotic Battle project

2016-03-29 16:22:39 by Kenji195

Hey hey, yeah, I've been SO busy, because I'm working on projects, I'll mention just 2 of them right now



First of all, I'm so excited for making my first game; yeah, I wrote "real" because I did games before, but like... in a reeeeaaaally lazy way (PowerPoint)

But now that I have more chances to make a real game 'cuz now I have the programs, the problem here is that it maybe not have many sounds and themes, this program can just use MIDI files (audio extention), which I don't have nothing for it besides the "beggining pack" or whatever how is it called, I would really thank to anyone who helps me with this audio thing, I tried but I cannot :T



I reccomend ya to visit my channel, I admit it, is not cool at all, I'm just taking a beggining, and it may be boring at the moment, but real stuff are going to appear soon or later

Altough, I advice way more novelties about my activities in the channel



Chaotic Battle for now is just a comic, but I'm turning it into a series

The series will still just being the comic itself XD

But with differences, obviusly it'll have audio (sonds), music, voices, more scenes were have not been showed in the original comic, and the fight scene WILL be animated, but just like my "Fancy Pants does..." videos, so don't expect TOO much



I have a page on Facebook, DON'T WORRY, I use 2 idioms on the page, Spanish and English, so don't worry, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/kenji195

Be sure for being suscribed in my channel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBEXpjGrMH7QhfC9krskYIA

Watch cool drawings on my DeviantArt page: http://kenji195.deviantart.com/

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY!: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111531483867182684243

And recommend me to another people who like this kind of stuff and make sure to "Follow me" (SA2) on this link: http://kenji195.newgrounds.com/follow

That's it so...



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2016-04-01 08:02:58

looking forward to it.

and PLEASE let there be medals. also is it some sort of RPG SONIC GAME? (ho i would love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

any would LOVE to get a reply on this. thx and goodluck!!!!

Kenji195 responds:

This "Trump" thing ruined this entry XD
Well, is not a Sonic RPG, besides, I know like 3 of them, and I wanna try something more original XD
I present it with some explanations in one of my videos, but just in Spanish, later there will be an English version (of the presentation)

(For more info, you could check out my channel, the is called "Let's go home")

Thanks ;D