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There's a lot of things I'm planning to do, and while I doubt all of my ideas will come to life, I know for sure I'll keep doing my best!
Here we go!

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Since last year I've been studying at the university, time has not been reduced to me so... why did I stopped showing activities?, in the following news, maybe you'll get it


Long ago I cancelled this project, the reason it's not something like "someone insulted me and now I think it's not worth it", it's something more simple... it's cringy; while I was making more episodes for the comic, I was noticing I didn't had enough experience to make a good story development, and even if I had, the idea itself was actually stupid, so yeah, took me long enough to realize it... I decided to just NOT continue that bag of cringiness and start creating my own original worlds, my own characters

In summary, Chaotic Battle is officially cancelled


I know I just typed my time hasn't been reduced, but I almost never had much free time anyway, these days were just posting on my G+ and DeviantArt accounts, been posting many many many draws; but I'm still having this dream of making videogames, I'm studying how to program and I'm doing very good (except in the subjects that has NOTHING to do with programming, as... chemistry -_-)

I think I won't be using Wattpad for a looooooong time, I'll use it once I have a ridiculous amount of free time :P Although, I'm not posting everyday, so what I've been doing is draw as much as I can, and during vacations I post daily until I go back to study, if you'd like to stay tune (which I doubt but, whatever), then this is the wrong place, you should already know I don't really post too much here, visit my G+ account and there you'll see a lot more what I've been drawing and especially creating


There's a lot of things I want to do, creating ideas and programming videogames, create animations, upload the videos I want on Youtube... so many that there may be people who'd think I can't do it, maybe not, but... dreams are what keeps us pushing forward, right?


Looks like these news has a characters' limit (this is my 2nd time writing this :T); there's a lot going on behind the screen where this is being written, but trust me guys, I'll do my best to share great things, I just need a lot of time

See you all later

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