There's a lot of things I'm planning to do, and while I doubt all of my ideas will come to life, I know for sure I'll keep doing my best!
Here we go!

Kenji Gonzalez Hoshino @Kenji195

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I just graduated and still jobless, YAY

(Technically not, but my current job is basically me helping a guy, it's very informal and not so different from me helping some friend)

I still have to do paperwork (if you read this in july or after, I most probably have finished already) to be officially graduated but, I think I misscalculated, time is something I value a lot and now that I'm close from starting my life as an "adult who works to get valuable money", it'll start lacking a lot

Imma try to keep drawing and most importantly keep programming games, which is my main goal

I have plenty of drawings and animations planned but I'm still drawing with mouse, I really cannot rely on that anymore if I want to get keep things moving, I'll do my best to get a drawing tablet and improve my skills as much as possible

You may have seen I already submitted 2 games, those were kind of tests and not taking them 100% seriously, and I think I'll keep like that to stay in the safe area to not mess up any serious project I plan, gathering experience and getting used to unity tools, I still have to learn a lot about blender and shaders in unity

I could be more especific and explain what are those plans, those ideas, but naaaahhh, it's not like anyone is reading this nor I want to spend that much time, I still have to draw, last submitted drawing was like a month ago ;-;

Until next time, I hope you like my most recent game: All-Star!!

Link: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/845610

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