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There's a lot of things I'm planning to do, and while I doubt all of my ideas will come to life, I know for sure I'll keep doing my best!
Here we go!

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What am I doing?

Posted by Kenji195 - August 5th, 2021

There's... a lot I'm trying to do ''^~^

Let me try to remember all the stuff planned and started, so, there are:

  • A lot of drawings I plan to do, obviously, these ideas won't stop coming

  • An animation, and no, not through irl pictures as the others I shared, but in software; if you checkout my currently recent GIFs

Nazo: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kenji195/super-shadic-wrath-of-nazo-fan-gif

And Super Shadic: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kenji195/super-shadic-wrath-of-nazo-fan-gif

They're actually part of that animation; you can see what I've got so far at the end of this video: https://youtu.be/iTaiTemJC58?t=468 ; I'll obviously add sounds and BGM to it later

  • There is a (almost) FINISHED game, in 3D fully made by me on Unity, it's called Dashing Through, nothing special, just me testing out how the workflow would be more-or-less, I just have to credit properly some of the songs I used for the game and it'll be good to be published, so look forward to that! (who am I kidding?, nobody's reading this XD)

  • And finally, the least important thing to me, in terms of PROJECTS is college, that thing is really testing my patience, it just gets more and more ludicrous, once I get out of it, I'll celebrate it but for reasons different than others >:I

The last update was from September 23rd of 2018... that's a very long time ago, geez

I could've made more updates but I didn't wanted to post info that wouldn't be that relevant in the end, but I assure you, all this that I just announced will happen, I also added plenty of links in my profiles, and on each you may see nothing or something different so feel free to check them out, I'm more active at DeviantArt and Twitter, maybe Tumblr (and with even lower chance, Instagram) will also be more active eventually

I highly doubt the game will do that great but honestly I don't care too much, I'm just testing things and I hold NO pride in this game, so yeah, whatever XD

That will be it for now, so... see you next time!